our services

Beakoni Center offers a comprehensive suite of capacity building services to support individuals and organizations at every stage of growth and development. From academic institutions and social entrepreneur/tech startups to established advocacy organizations and community partners, BCRI provides the tools you need to attract new sources of funding, enter beneficial partnerships, and take your business to scale.

Development and Design

Not using client insights to improve service delivery and utilization? No time to highlight hard fought successes or lessons learned? Build better connections and engagement with your audience through the art of storytelling with Beakoni's publication tools and strategies.  

Implementation Evaluation & Scaling

Failing to see the return on investment for expensive program models or cutting edge software? Considering phasing out certain services while expanding others? Gain access to a national network of practitioners, researchers, and institutional advancement thought partners with Beakoni Center. 

Research and Data Analysis

Data sitting in SQL servers collecting dust? Scrambling to compile key performance indicators for impact reports? Stressed about demonstrating organizational impact or sustainability? Beakoni Center specializing in measuring the invisible work of those serving underserved individuals, families, and communities. Let our experts showcase your expertise.

Don't see what you what you need? Contact us for information on custom service options.